Who Would Host a Trump-Sanders Debate? ‘We Have Heard From Every Network’

By Mark Joyella 

It’s entirely unclear if Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders really plan on debating each other, but this much is certain: if they do, the news networks are lining up for the chance to host the show.

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said a Sanders-Trump face-off would be the political “event of the season,” and asked by Blitzer if, by chance, any news networks had expressed interest in hosting, Weaver said “we have heard from every network.”

The debate was floated by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, who asked Trump about debating Sanders. “If he paid a sum toward charity I would love to do that,” Trump said. That was followed quickly by a tweet from Sanders saying “game on. I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7th primary.”


Time magazine reports Trump was “just joking” about agreeing to the debate, while Weaver said he believed Trump had been serious and hoped he would not “chicken out.”

In a separate interview with MSNBC, Weaver said “back-channel conversations” were underway between the Sanders and Trump teams.