Who Did (& Didn’t) Repeat Politico Rumor

By Brian 

The AP sums up television news coverage of the Politico report/Edwards campaign suspension rumors:

> “CNN cited the Politico report several times before Edwards’ news conference, but pulled back when correspondent Candy Crowley said Edwards staffers were casting doubt on it.”

> “While MSNBC did not cite the report on television, the Web site MSNBC.com ran the information as a banner headline. MSNBC.com later apologized, saying it had relied on Politico ‘and a source who spoke to NBC.'”

> “NBC News anchor Brian Williams delivered his own correction after the network briefly interrupted regular programming for the Edwards news conference.”

> “CBS News, which has a partnership agreement with Politico, posted the report on the CBS Web site without doing its own reporting, and later corrected it, a spokeswoman said.”

> “ABC News did not cite Politico, either on the air or Web, because its own sources were leading the network in the other direction.”

> “Fox News Channel and The Associated Press also did not repeat the Politico report, relying on their own reporters.”