White “Separatist” Turns “Bad PR Lemons Into Lemonade” In TV Interviews

By SteveK 

Rachel Sklar takes a close look at a frequently used guest in stories about the Holocaust Museum shooter, James von Brunn.

John de Nugent has appeared on NBC Nightly News (identified as a “white separatist”) and ABC’s Good Morning America (ID’ed as an “acquaintance” of von Brunn’s) at least, and other local outlets as well.

But who is this source? In a blog post written by de Nugent today, he explains his “media strategy.” “At least I was able to turn some bad PR lemons into lemonade last night and yesterday, and I got to 1) explain how understandable white anger is, and 2) how Obama needs to assuage heightened white fears about gun and speech control or he will, by everything he does, provoke even more incidents,” he writes.


Later, in what is not likely a typo: “The reporter asks me questions from Jew York by speakerphone.”

There’s much more, like how he was “happy to say that most media” called him a “white separatist and NOT a white supremacist” and “when Jews attack and lie, I must be doing my job very well.”

Writes Sklar: “I understand that the goal is to collect the most useful and relevant information, however repugnant the source. But in every case, you have to evaluate the credibility of that source. Is the information verifiable? Is their self-interest implicated?”

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