While Crossfire Lingers, GWU Waits

By Brian 

When will Crossfire sign off the air? Jon Klein said he was cancelling the show more than three months ago. But every day at 4:30pm, the left and the right still battle it out on CNN. Why is everyone in a holding pattern? It’s an awkward situation for the staffers:

“We’re all still very much in the dark on this,” coordinating producer Heather Clapp tells the Daily Colonial newspaper at George Washington University. “Clapp said the waiting on an official announcement has affected audience turnout for the show, which is a staple of GW’s marketing strategy. ‘It’s been a challenge to communicate to people that even though CNN announced the cancellation of the show, it hasn’t gone into effect yet,’ she said.”

Michael Freeman, VP of communications for GWU, says he has a “level of confidence that our partnership will continue and we will play a role in whatever CNN’s decisions are.” He says CNN has “shared some of their thoughts and ideas with me over the course of time, but they haven’t reached any conclusions. They really like being at GW and it has been in the mix of their talks internally and we’ll just wait and see what happens.”