While Cable News Focuses On Politics, Syria Re-Enters the Spotlight

By Alex Weprin Comment

The cable news channels have seemingly been all politics all the time over the last few days, but it is hardly the only big news happening at the moment. In the Middle East, there is an event that will have a more significant long-term impact than intra-party political sniping: the protests in Syria, and President Assad’s announcement that he will not step down. In addition, a French TV journalist for France 2 TV was killed in a mortar strike in the country.

CNN’s Nic Robertson is in the country on a visa (previously reporters have had to sneak in), and has been giving updates from the divided nation:

Fox News has been covering the situation from a far, showing videos uploaded to YouTube by protestors, as well as contributions from other correspondents in the region, though not in the country itself. MSNBC has spent the least time covering Syria, according to TVEyes, covering the country primarily as it relates to U.S. politics.