Which TV News Program Gets People Talking on Twitter? Probably Not the One You Think

By Alex Weprin 

AllThings D’s Peter Kafka writes about a report from Twitter/TV tracker SocialGuide. The company ranked the top 40 TV shows based on comments by Twitter users, and compared them to how those programs ranked in the Nielsen top 100 programs list. Comments were only counted if people were tweeting as the show was live, so DVR viewings or those catching up online don’t count.

Only one TV news program cracked the top 40. Which one was it?

CNN’s “AC360” was the only TV news show to make the cut. This despite the fact that it is not even ranked in Nielsen’s top 100.

According to SocialGuide, “AC360” generated more buzz than ABC’s “Modern Family,” which is the sixth most-watched TV show in the country.

Or as Kafka explains:

Sometimes Twitter gets excited about TV shows that lots of people don’t care about. And sometimes TV’s most popular shows aren’t nearly as popular on the social messaging service.