Where Will Bartiromo End Up?

By Brian 

How are Maria Bartiromo‘s contract negotiations progressing?
She “remains at the center of whatever schedule finally evolves” for CNBC, several tipsters say.

The Money Honey’s contract apparently states that she anchors the 4pm hour of Closing Bell solo. According to an insider: “Even though the numbers are weak, they can’t move her unless she agrees, so everything’s being held up.”

Was last week’s Squawk Box announcement supposed to be part of a larger change to the entire daytime lineup? Did CNBC want to move Maria back to the morning time slot she previously appeared in? Will she budge?

> Also: Last week, FTVLive said Bartiromo and her agent have “personally reached out to [Roger] Ailes for a job on at least two separate occasions over the past few years, after she whined about how desperate she was to leave CNBC.” In the NYDN earlier this month, Bartiromo called Ailes a “terrific programer” and said “I would take a call from Roger any day of the week.”