Where Will Andy Lack Begin?

By Mark Joyella 

With Andy Lack in the building, NBC News is rife with questions about what happens next–and where Lack will focus his attentions first: will it be “Nightly News,” which appears steady with replacement anchor Lester Holt in the chair, or MSNBC, which continues to struggle?

Page Six reports MSNBC faces “a huge overhaul,” but there are simmering issues with other key properties, including “Today” and “Meet the Press.”

“Nightly,” despite the turbulence surrounding Brian Williams‘ suspension, may be on the back-burner:

Meanwhile, on the talent side, the speculation is that, despite Lack’s warm relationship with Williams, he may not return to the “Nightly News” anchor chair. This comes after exhaustive focus-group polling done by NBC staffers during his absence, while Lester Holt has done a solid job standing in for the disgraced newsman and maintaining the show’s ratings.