Where Was Meredith Vieira?

By Brian 

Where was Meredith Vieira on Wednesday? There was no “passing of the alarm clock” on Today. A tipster wonders: “What was Meredith’s reaction to the Today Show farewell today? She can’t be resting easy after seeing all the fan gushing over Katie.”

> Unconfirmed: An e-mailer says Vieira and Matt Lauer were “out on the town tonight,” attributing it to Entertainment Tonight.

> Update: 3:30am: An e-mailer asks: “Another Katie question… where was Bryant Gumbel and Brian Williams?” (Williams was in New Orleans.)

Update: 3:36am: “Meredith couldn’t have been there on Today,” a tipster says. “She still works for ABC, if I’m not mistaken, and she did have a show to do (if she was there). Also, Vieira’s contract specifies that, with the exception of ‘The View,’ she can’t be on after 9am once she starts on Today.”