Where the Wealthy Watch

By Chris Ariens 

For November 2007, CNBC has the highest median income in the A25-54 demo for all cable nets. CNBC’s $83,000 median income (for the 5amET-7pmET daypart) is $15,000 higher than FNC, $20,000 higher than MSNBC and $25,000 higher than CNN. Since its ratings are not yet public, Fox Business Network is not on this list.

(Source: Nielsen Media Research)

>More from an industry insider: “What’s remarkable here is that FNC’s median income is so close to CNBC’s. FNC has five times its audience and is a generic all-news network — two factors that would lower the median income by an even larger margin. CNBC crowing about this is like the Weather Channel claiming victory during a blizzard.”

>More, more from an emailer: “What’s truly amazing is that FNC is far closer to Noggin than it is to CNBC. Most Noggin viewers don’t even have jobs much less college degrees.”