Where Renee Zellweger Isn’t Trending

By Chris Ariens 

ZellweggerShe’s trending on Twitter, lighting up Facebook, and is on the front pages of dozens of websites, including CNN.com and FoxNews.com. Even her Wikipedia page has been updated to reflect the discussion.

But there’s one place you won’t find chatter about Renee Zellweger’s new look: cable news.

First, if you haven’t heard about it, here’s the backstory: Last night Zellweger walked the red carpet at the Elle magazine Women in Hollywood Awards. But, for many — millions really — it was hard to determine if this really was the Bridget Jones star, or someone who sorta looked like her.


As for how this “news” has been reported, as we said it’s on fire on social media and entertainment shows like “The Talk,” “Inside Edition,” and “Access Hollywood Live,” but not on cable news. The question is whether tomorrow’s network morning shows (we’re looking at you “GMA” and “Today”) will discuss it.

> Update: The three network morning shows all covered Zellweger’s new look on Oct. 22. “GMA” included it in the 7am open with a report at 7:38am, “Today” discussed the story at 7:45am and “CBS This Morning” talked about it at 8:31am.