Where in the World is Diane Sawyer?

By SteveK 

While the Today Show’s Matt Lauer begins his jet-setting adventure today (in Buenos Aires) on NBC, Good Morning America co-anchor Diane Sawyer will be traveling as well.

The only clues to solve her absence are in today’s New York Post, where Michael Starr reports Sawyer will take off this week to celebrate her 20th wedding anniversary with husband Mike Nichols. Their travels take them to “destinations unknown.”

Starr reports GMA executive producers and ABC News executives persuaded Sawyer to take the time off, even though she didn’t want to miss the beginning of May sweeps. She hasn’t taken a vacation in awhile, and, “staffers felt she earned the right to relax a bit after finishing three ABC News specials — in addition to anchoring ‘GMA’ every day.”

> Update: An anonymous emailer writes: “Who does Diane Sawyer think she’s fooling? Her husband Mike Nichols just opened a play on Broadway with Morgan Freeman. He’s not going anywhere this week. She isn’t either. So what’s the real story? She must be upset about something.” Earlier, a TVNewser commenter found this web site, with pictures of Sawyer and Nichols from last night’s opening night.

> Update, update: TVNewser has confirmed Nichols and Sawyer left this morning for their anniversary vacation.