Where Did Cable Viewers Go for Oregon Shooting Coverage?

By Brian Flood 

A week after re-joining the network anchoring extensive, planned coverage of Pope Francis’s U.S. visit, Brian Williams encountered his first breaking news story with the mass killing at Umpqua Community College Thursday.

The story broke in the 2 p.m. ET hour, with coverage going into the evening. Williams anchored until 7 p.m. The Scoreboard includes numbers beginning at 4 p.m., but here’s how the cable network performed in the first few hours. While viewership increased across the board, the networks finished as they do most days: 1) Fox News; 2) CNN; 3) MSNBC.

Cable news averages, 2:20pm-5pmET | Oct. 1, 2015:

Network Total Viewers A25-54
Fox News  1.810M  318,000
CNN 928,000 203,000
MSNBC 484,000 101,000