Where Americans Get Their Election News

By Chris Ariens 

An ABC News/Facebook survey has found most Americans still get their Presidential election news from TV, but the Internet continues to give newspapers a serious run. Here’s what the survey found:

• 70% say TV is one of their top two election news sources. Down 8% since 2004 and down 15% since 1996 (Pew polls).

• 26% say the newspaper is a top election news source. Down from 60% in 1996.

• 23% say the Internet is a main source of election news. Twice the level seven years ago.

The Internet is also the only election news source to show growth, doubling since 2000. 73% of adults now go online. 40% use the Internet specifically for news and information about politics and the election, surpassing the previous high of 35% in a 2004 survey.

(image courtesy: JupiterImagesUnlimited)