When You Think GQ, You Think…

By SteveK 

Karl Rove, right? The former Bush deputy chief of staff and current Fox News contributor is featured in a lengthy Q&A by Lisa DiPaulo on GQ’s web site today.

Rove describes his new job at FNC as “odd.” “It’s weird for me,” he says. “But it’s interesting.”

He also says he believes the FNC credo of “Fair and Balanced.” “I think they go out of their way to be fair and tough in questioning,” he says. “I’m really impressed with the people I’ve gotten to know. Brit Hume is a very bright person; Chris Wallace has got a lot of integrity.”


Earlier, in a very un-GQ moment, he describes the ways in which he is cool: “None. I am the antithesis of cool.”

The interview is filled with quirky, off-the-cuff exchanges. Our favorite, after the jump…

Q: I get the sense you respect Hillary more than you respect Obama.

A: Off the record?

Q: Please don’t go off the record.
A: Off the record… [Yeah, it’s good. Sorry.]

Q: Damn! Now say that on the record.
A: No. Nope. Nope. Nope.

Q: Let’s try again, then: on the record. I get the sense you respect her more than him.
A: Uh, I know her better than I know him. And I just, uh—she has been around public life a lot longer and has demonstrated, you know, more involvement than he has.