What’s The Future Of Inside Politics? CNN’s Jon Klein Is “Weighing Many Outstanding Options For Recalibrating” Political

By Brian 

Judy Woodruff anchored Inside Politics today. But will CNN’s flagship political show survive her exit from the network?

“CNN remains firmly committed to remaining the best source of intelligent, unbiased, insightful information about politics,” chief Jon Klein said in an e-mailer to TVNewser this afternoon. “Judy’s departure, which I regret, marks the end of a brilliant career, but far from the end of CNN’s devotion to covering the political landscape, which is more dynamic today than it has ever been in my lifetime and yours.”

Klein told the AP that he is re-examining the network’s political coverage, and that IP may not remain on the schedule. So I asked him: “Have you committed to doing an hour of political news daily in some form?” He responded:

“As you know, we’re weighing many outstanding options for recalibrating our political coverage to have you committed reflect the new realities. We will definitely remain THE place to watch in the afternoon for the latest political info and insights.”

Stay tuned.