What’s On For Super Tuesday II?

By SteveK 

• ABC — Charles Gibson anchoring World News from Dallas, with live West Coast and prime time updates as news warrants. ABC News NOW will have wall-to-wall coverage on ABCNews.com, from 7-11pmET. Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein co-anchor.

• BBC World — Matt Frei anchors coverage live from Ohio, 7-10pmET. Tomorrow, at 7pmET, Ted Koppel provides “bigger picture” analysis.

• Bloomberg — Peter Cook anchors live “business & the ballot” coverage of the results, with correspondents at Clinton and Obama HQ, airing from 8-10pmET.


• CBS — Katie Couric anchoring Evening News from Columbus, Ohio updating for the West Coast and prime time updates as news warrants.

• CNN — Wolf Blitzer leads coverage from the Election Center, with co-anchors Campbell Brown, Lou Dobbs and Anderson Cooper. The programming airs from 7pmET-MidnightET, when a special edition of Larry King takes over.

• FNC — Big line-up changes, as Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes anchor from 11-1pmET and Greta Van Susteren anchors from 1-3pmET. Shepard Smith will be live in Texas at 3pmET. Brit Hume anchors Special Report at 6pmET, followed by America’s Election HQ until MidnightET. Bret Baier takes over at MidnightET.

• HLN — Glenn Beck will be live during the 7pmET and 9pmET hours, and will be joined by Erica Hill to report on election results.

• NBC News/MSNBC — Brian Williams anchors Nightly News from New York and is live across all feeds, with prime time updates. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann anchor MSNBC’s coverage, from 6pmET-1amET. Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert and Williams will contribute to the coverage.