What’s In A Name?: The Reaction

By SteveK Comment

Some reaction to TVNewser’s story of the Nielsen meeting re: AC360 titling:

• FNC’s Greta Van Susteren blogged about this morning. Calling it “cheating,” Van Susteren goes on to attack CNN and defend Cooper. “I feel sorry for Anderson Cooper. CNN management is making him look like the fool,” she writes. “I am sure he is not the one behind all of this…he is just the fall guy for management’s decision to make journalism a marketing event.”

• Spud over at ICN thinks it mirrors an earlier titling snafu. “Since CNN is apparently going to continue to call this coverage ‘AC 360’, as TVNewser says…I would strongly suggest to MSNBC that they revisit the June numbers for Hardball at 5pm,” he writes. “If CNN wants to call special coverage of politics AC 360, I see nothing wrong with MSNBC counting those two days of Hardball. Be careful CNN. You’re opening a Pandora’s Box with this…”

• TVNewser commenters disagree. mikeycj: “If Anderson Cooper is doing the anchoring at 10PM, then it should be called AC360. At 10pm on the other cable networks, they usually don’t have their usual 10pm person doing the moderating.” TinaFromTampa: “A360 is a different show during the election coverage; it was not your typical A360 show. This should be interesting as more comes out about it. This article implies (or maybe more than implies) that MSNBC and FNC are together on this issue. That is what is so shocking to me!”