What Your TV Choices Say About Your Politics, And What The Candidates Watch

By Alex Weprin 

BuzzFeed has a pair of interesting charts looking at the political persuasions of television viewers. One of the charts compares a handful of TV shows and the other a number of high-profile TV networks, both graph them in accordance with political persuasion, and the likelihood of voting.

Among the findings: Fox News and Fox Business viewers skewed heavily Republican, and were very likely to vote. The Weather Channel and CNBC also skewed Republican. MSNBC and PBS skewed very Democratic, with high turnout. CNN also skewed Democratic. The channels that both parties could agree on were ESPN, Lifetime, Food Network and Discovery Channel.

Among TV shows: HBO’s “The Newsroom” skewed very Democratic, while “Today” was just slightly so. The most Republican-skewing shows were “Deadliest Catch” and “American Pickers.”

As it happens, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama told TV Guide about their favorite TV shows. How do they stack up compared to BuzzFeed’s charts?

Surprisngly, both Obama and Romney are big fans of ABC comedy “Modern Family,” which skews Democratic in the chart. Romney also likes “30 Rock,” which skews heavily Democratic, and “NCIS,” which is more Republican. Obama likes Showtime’s “Homeland” and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” which both skew slightly Democratic.

You can read the Romney interview here and the Obama interview here.