What Will the Supreme Court Decide in the Aereo Case?

By Merrill Knox 

aereoNext month, Aereo has its day in court — the U.S. Supreme Court. The service, which charges customers a monthly fee to watch local TV stations online, is being sued by ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC who claim Aereo’s entire business is illegal.

The Obama administration is siding with the broadcasters while Aereo’s CEO says the company is “confident in the merits of our position.” Despite an injunction in Utah, Aereo continues to expand: the service is now available in Austin, Cincinnati and more than 20 other regions.

So what will the fate of the streaming television service be?


We’ll be talking about all this next month at the TVNewser Show, April 29 in New York City. Among the guests is Tom Taylor, the Assistant Managing Editor of Bloomberg BNA’s United States Law Week. Taylor will be covering the Supreme Court arguments and will break down the case for us.

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