What Now Dow?

By Chris Ariens 

In the $5.6 billion afterglow of the News Corp./Dow Jones deal The Wall Street Journal’s Martin Peers writes about Rupert Murdoch‘s next order of business: the “business-news battle.”

The weapon of choice: The Wall Street Journal; the moat: CNBC’s “exclusive news content-sharing contract (with The WSJ) which has been in effect since 1997 and which will expire in 2012,” reminds a CNBC insider.

CNBC says it expects its contract “to be honored.” But the potential WSJ/FBN synergies are not lost on anyone. Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino “hinted that the CNBC agreement may not block other TV channels from access to Dow Jones’s ‘brands and content’ when it is related to ‘non-business journalism.'”