What Morning Show Does Bryant Gumbel Watch?

By Chris Ariens 

He’s been the co-anchor of NBC’s Today show and CBS’s Early Show. These days Bryant Gumbel watches the successor to the Early Show, CBS This Morning. He also happened to be on that show when he made the admission.

Talking with Gayle King, Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose, Gumbel was on to promote a two-hour live event he’s hosting this Sunday on National Geographic Channel during which a man will undergo brain surgery.

Gumbel is excited to get back hosting live TV with the Nat Geo special, but said he doesn’t miss being a part of a morning show. “I think every generation that does morning television thinks theirs was better than the one that followed. And there is truth to that. And I’m no exception to that,” Gumbel said, adding, “I’m fond of your slogan, news in the morning.”


Gumbel told his friend on that other morning show that he’d be on CBS this morning “I had a conversation with Matt…” “Matt who?” King asked, knowing full well he was talking about Matt Lauer. “I told Matt I would be here this morning. He said, ‘Oh, cool.'”

Gumbel also gave a birthday shout-out to his former intern, now CBS This Morning’s ep, Chris Licht. “Now we know where he learned everything,” King said. WATCH: