What Morning Show Do You Watch? The Results

By Chris Ariens 

On Tuesday we told you about how June, 2015 was the least-watched month for the four cable news shows combined since August 2001. Fox & Friends, New Day, Morning Joe and Morning Express are losing audience to the broadcast networks, to other cable news shows, to digital programming, or people have simply turned off their TVs.

In our story, we asked you what shows you watch. Among 8 choices, including the cable and broadcast programs as well as local news, the largest percentage went to “other.” Among the “others” CNBC’s Squawk Box, ESPN2’s Mike & Mike, Maria Bartiromo‘s FBN show, Washington Journal on C-SPAN, and AMHQ on the Weather Channel. But by far the biggest “other,” with 18 percent, went to Roland Martin‘s morning show NewsOne Now on TV One. It probably got a boost from Martin himself who shared our poll on Twitter with his more than 334,000 followers. CBS This Morning was next with 16 percent, followed by Fox & Friends with 14 percent and Good Morning America with 13 percent. What the poll showed us is that the days of ABC, CBS and NBC owning the mornings are long past. And in a universe that includes dozens of TV options and countless online media outlets, the choices are nearly limitless.

Here’s the breakdown of the poll, from more than 1,800 respondents:


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