What Maria Bartiromo Finds Sexy

By Chris Ariens 

The NYTimes’ Bill Carter profiles CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, about the supposed rivalries, the alleged conflicts of interest and the new competition from FBN. Carter writes about how Bartiromo endured “accusations in the media of questionable interactions with [Citigroup’s former investment chief Todd Thomson].”
Carter writes Bartiromo is “in the midst of what can be described as a turnaround year.”

Bartiromo lays it on a professional rivalry: “Some reporters were upset because I kept scooping them and they felt, oh, this is perfect. This is a window. Let me, you know, bring her down,” Bartiromo tells Carter. An industry observer calls the Carter item a “puff piece,” given that “these were Bartiromo’s first comments on the Citigroup fiasco.”

Still, with a role as a Presidential debate co-moderator, more high-profile interviews and new competition, Bartiromo says she is having “the year of my career.” When talking about the new, new thing in high finance, something called “sovereign funds,” Bartiromo tells Carter. “I find that kind of stuff so exciting. I find it so sexy.”