What Is The World Report Conference?

By Brian 

Quoting Jim Walton’s letter to delegates: “I am proud of the fact that the CNN World Report Conference is considered to be THE global forum for the exchange of ideas and information amongst the television news industry. Over the next three days, you will see, hear and I hope participate in panels and discussions that go to the very heart of the challenges and opportunities that we all face over the next few years.”

Quoting the first page of the conference program: “The CNN World Report Conference is an international forum for the active exchange of ideas, methods and journalism techniques. This unique gathering offers an opportunity for hundreds of delegates from international broadcasting corporations to meet industry and world leaders as they address important global and industry issues affecting all of us.

Given the extraordinary events of the last year, there is no better time for such a spirited dialogue between colleagues and the newsmakers of our generation. This year’s theme, “Journalism: Connecting a World of Wisdom,” promises to focus on the relevant and important global and industry issues facing us in 2005 and in the future…All topped off with celebrations and tributes wrapped around CNN’s 25th Anniversary.”