What Happens When Journalist Chelsea Clinton, Becomes Campaigner Chelsea Clinton?

By Chris Ariens 

Newly hired NBC News contributing correspondent Chelsea Clinton is profiled on page one of the Sunday Styles section of  The New York Times. Clinton will make her first appearance on NBC News on “Rock Center” Monday, Dec. 12 “with a segment she developed about a nonprofit organization in Pine Bluff, Ark.”

But what happens when Clinton starts to use her clout and famous last name to campaign for Pres. Barack Obama next year. NYT’s Amy Chozick writes:

As President Obama’s re-election campaign heats up, Ms. Clinton will most likely need to step back from news gathering to help raise money. An adviser said she would “100 percent” help him with his campaign. [NBC News president Steve] Capus said NBC News would discuss in advance any of Ms. Clinton’s political activity, as it does with all of its contributors. Ms. Clinton has a three-month trial contract with NBC, after which both parties will decide whether to continue.

(Image: Serge Bloch)