What Does Henry Schleiff Going to Time Warner Mean for Jon Klein?

By Brian 

> Update: 1:42pm: A knowledgeable e-mailer says CNN isn’t a likely prospect for Schleiff. “My understanding is that he’s getting what the Japanese call ‘a window seat’ — an office with a desk and window to stare out of — and it’s not not even clear it will actually be in Time Warner Center itself.”

With Court TV CEO Henry Schleiff heading for a new office in the Time Warner Building, it’s fair to speculate if he’s gunning for Jon Klein‘s position at CNN/U.S.

Earlier this week, TBS senior VP Shirley Powell dismissed speculation that Schleiff could become the president of CNN Headline News.

But a position as head of CNN/U.S. has not been officially shot down. (The best thing Powell said was that “I don’t think there are any jobs open at CNN right now.”)

Today’s Variety says “his new job will be located within Time Warner, but it hasn’t been decided where he will go, leaving open the possibility he could take an exec role at CNN. It’s long been expected that Time Warner would take full control of the cable net, and Schleiff has been viewed as the driving force of a profitable performer for the mothership.”

And he’s close with Dick Parsons, right?…