Westin “Paralyzed,” Cindy Adams Says

By Brian 

Cindy Adams wants to know: “When already might David Westin, who is thought to be running ABC’s news division, going to run it? One’s told, ‘He’s here mostly because, for the moment, there’s nobody around to replace him.’

He looks nice. Wears good blue suits. Shows up at the best parties. But does nothing. Decisions never get made. Nothing gets decided. Apparently the man’s hostage to his people who, theoretically, should move at the impulse of his will. But the only thing moving is the distance between himself and Diane Sawyer.”

Adams says “apparently Westin is paralyzed because Miss Diane is apparently running the network news division. Result? The warmth between them has cooled.”

An e-mailer calls the column “a real sharp attack on David Westin, and one that many within ABC News agree with.” Read the rest…