“Welcome Back, Shep!”

By Brian 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution follows Shep Smith home to an Ole Miss football game for a feature today:

“No wonder that here in Oxford, Smith is treated like the returning pride and joy of an extended, extremely colorful Southern family. Picking his way with his younger brother Benton through the pre-game throngs on the Grove, he’s frequently greeted by cries of “Hey, Shep!” and “Welcome back, Shep!,” mostly from strangers. Some want to shake his hand and compliment his hurricane coverage. Others want his autograph or a photo. No one gets turned away; everyone gets a friendly “Go Rebs!” at the end.”

Here’s the full feature. During the game, a photo (above right) of Shep wearing an Ole Miss hat during Katrina coverage was put on the Jumbotron to welcome him home, and he received a standing ovation…