Weekend Caption Contest: Results

By Brian 

A lot of the 200+ responses to this weekend’s caption contest were just plain mean, and not all that funny. For example: “What a brainless child.” This was supposed to be a humorous contest! Some individuals tried to submit dozens of similar entries. So here are the best ones:

“I wish.”

“Now I need a shower.”

“Olbermann demonstrates his position at 8pm.”

“Shhhh, I’m trying to boost my ratings.” 

“I carry this around with me at all times.”

“To calm his stage freight, Olbermann pictures O’Reilly picturing the crowd naked.”

“Wow…so this is what it’s like to have people watch you.”

“I’m just getting started — wait until you see my Nazi salute!”

“Maybe, just maybe, if I wear this mask, my 8pm show can beat O’Reilly’s 4am repeat.”

“At a recent press outing it was revealed who the true mastermind was behind the empire that is Bill O’Reilly.”

“For my next trick, I will pull ratings out of the back of Bill O’Reilly’s picture.”

“Keith Olbermann, left, takes a moment to examine Bill O’Reilly’s head.  ‘Not much light shining in there,’ Olbermann told those assembled at TCA press tour.”

“When asked about his e-mail habits, Mr. Olbermann hid behind a Bill O’Reilly mask!”

“Who I want to be when I grow up.”

“I AM the worst person in the world!”

“Dan Abrams unveils new plan to trick viewers into watching MSNBC.”

“Olbermann fades into the shadows…”