Wear Your Favorite Cable News Show

By Brian 

An Anderson Cooper 360 “nine-piece traveling gym set,” a Fox & Friends “no spit zone” onesie for toddlers, and a Jim Cramer bobble-head doll is not enough. Michelle Greppi has some ideas for other “news-realm merchandise:”

“Add a T-shirt to the ‘Countdown’ collection that’s says ‘My Sister Had a One-Time-Only Fling With Keith Olbermann and All I Got Was This Lousy TShirt.’ Or, for NBC Universal insiders, a tee or hat that says ‘Dan Who?‘ If you don’t immediately get these punch lines, you flunk Gossip-Page 101.

How about Rita Cosby Lozenges?

Or bile bottled fresh after every Nancy Grace‘ show on Headline News? Or a tee that says ‘I Hired Nancy Grace’s Image Resuscitator and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt’? Nancy Grace Triple-Strength Hair Spray and a pocket-sized rat-tail teasing comb (Diamond Tip Guaranteed to Draw Blood!)?”

She wants your suggestions…