“We Respect Larry”

By Brian 

Fox News Channel loves Larry King.

Think about it. King disrupts CNN’s entire primetime schedule. King destroys the transition between Paula Zahn and Anderson Cooper. King turns off young viewers. And King frequently covers sensational, fluffy subjects — allowing FNC to jab at Jon Klein‘s talk about being a no-nonsense news network.

I’m not suggesting that’s why several FNCers have rushed to King’s defense after this week’s WSJ story. As Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, and Greta Van Susteren all pointed out on FNC Thursday night, King has been a pioneer on television and radio.

On FOXNews.com, Greta wrote: “Even with some viewer number decline — and we all risk going through those periods from time to time — he still beats every other show at CNN 100 percent of the time. Yes, 100 percent of the time!”

At the end of last night’s H&C, Hannity “there has not been a single person [at CNN] that has defended him.” The chyron said “We Respect Larry.”

Johnny Dollar’s Place has the video…