Was ‘Good Morning America’ duped by ‘Botox Mom’?

By Alex Weprin 

The “Botox mom,” Sheena Upton, who claimed that she injected her eight year old daughter with Botox, has written a sworn declaration that she made up the story for money.

Upton and her daughter, who was referred to as Britney Campbell, appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday. The show has offered $10,000 to license photos of her and her daughter, though it has withheld payment pending the investigation:


A spokesperson for ABC News says tells TVNewser, “We have just seen the sworn declaration on TMZ written by Sheena Upton, a.k.a. Kerry Campbell , and are vigorously investigating her most recent statement and rapidly shifting story. ‘Good Morning America’ has repeatedly questioned Upton, members of her family, and other sources who again and again stood by the Botox story. ‘Good Morning America’ is solely interested in getting to the truth and will share with our audience any new information that we find.”

After the “GMA” story aired, “Britney” was taken away by child protective services. Following the sworn declaration, she has since gone home. A medical exam has also determined she never received any Botox injections.

ABC says if it determines Upton’s statement is accurate, it will run a correction on “GMA.”