V&W: WNT Western Edition, Day Two

By Brian 

The second day of WNT’s Western Edition featured a report by Jake Tapper on Google’s announcements at CES. (Google’s presentation started right after the ET edition of the broadcast ended. But Tapper appeared on the 3pm webcast to preview it…)

On ABCNews.com, he blogs: “It’s coincidental, if not ironic, that my virgin story for this Brave New World is about the way content providers such as Google and Yahoo are vying to become the industry leader in bringing you content…because that’s also pretty much what all these new outreach efforts by ABC News are about…Ways of reaching out to viewers to make media as personal (as un-“mass”) as possible.

Round and round we go; where this will stop, nobody knows. With a lot of tired people from Silicon Valley to Park Slope, no doubt.”