V&W: Webcast Premieres At 3pm

By Brian 

“A little bit of TV news history takes place tonight when ABC finally unveils the new post-Peter Jennings’ World News Tonight at 6:30,” Newsday’s Verne Gay writes. “And along with a new co-anchor team, one of the more intriguing developments takes place off the TV screen because ABC will also launch a 15-minute WNT Web-based version that’ll air weekdays at 3 p.m. and will be continuously updated.

More: “The WNT Web version that starts today is basically a Mini-Me version of the nightly broadcast, and while [EP Jon] Banner says content will differ in both, the afternoon show is expected to anticipate much of what the evening program will include (parts of WNT will also be posted on the Web after the 6:30 broadcast, too).”

> Here’s a promo of the webcast…