V&W: First-Day Reviews

By Brian 

> David Bianculli, NY Daily News: “All in all, a solid start, and a lot less distractingly different than, say, when ABC recently revamped Nightline. There were no first-night mistakes, no opening-day jitters, just a solid newscast on a relatively slow news day…”

> David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun: “Both their afternoon Webcast and the dinnertime World News Tonight were sure-handed productions that skillfully navigated the currents of a fairly strong news day at home and abroad.”

Joanna Weiss, Boston Globe: “It seems ABC was building a newscast the way it might a political ticket, studying demographics, considering interest groups. Woodruff has chops, but a single, good-looking man in the chair might seem too old-school. Vargas has pizzazz, but maybe the newshounds would see her as soft. So rather than taking a risk and just anointing someone, the network has tried to please everyone.”