Vogue Highlights Three TVNewsers “Shaping the News”

By SteveK 

In next month’s Vogue Magazine, three female tvnewsers are highlighted: “As we enter a new political era, we salute three woman standouts: veteran Katie Couric and rising stars Rachel Maddow and Campbell Brown.”

The first profile, of Couric, is written by Eve MacSweeney. “It would not be an overstatement to say that Couric’s two-part interview with Sarah Palin in October changed the course of the election,” she writes.

Couric says she enjoyed her first presidential election as anchor at CBS. “I feel relieved and happy that I was in charge of a presidential election for a major network and actually did a good job,” she tells MacSweeney. “That’s sort of a feather in my cap. I feel confident, and I sort of always did. But it does help when people recognize your work.”


(all photos by Alex Majoli for Vogue)

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Ironically, though born of the election, Maddow seems pleased that it’s over. “I am not a candidate person,” she says. “I am much more of a news person than I am an electoral-politics person.”

The storms of commentaries don’t touch Brown. “When I was single, my job was everything to me. Now, if the McCain or Obama campaigns don’t like me, who cares? My ten-month-old son took two steps today.”