Viewer Confidence in TV News Hits All-Time Low

By Alex Weprin 

Confidence in TV news has hit an all-time low, according to Gallup’s annual update on confidence in U.S. institutions. Gallup queries a weighted sampling of Americans to gauge their confidence levels of institutions like the different branches of government, religious institutions and some corporate institutions.

Confidence in TV news hit 21% this year, a new low for the poll, which began in 1993. The previous low was 22% in 2010. Gallup notes that the poll was conducted before the Supreme Court healthcare fiasco, which saw Fox News and CNN blow the initial reports on the ruling, so it does not factor in any opinions that may have changed as a result.

One seismic shift: for the first time since 2007, self-described conservatives have more confidence in TV news than both self described liberals and moderates. That said, Democrats still have more confidence in TV news than either Republicans or independents. Among other demographics: younger Americans (those 18-29) have more confidence in TV than any of the older demos, and respondents with college or postgraduate degrees were less likely to have confidence in TV news than those with a high school diploma or lower.


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