Velshi Talks Investment, Publishing Strategies

By SteveK 

CNN chief business correspondent Ali Velshi’s new book, “Gimme My Money Back” came out earlier this month, and is currently in the Top 10 investing books on And what’s more — the book was written in about two weeks (the explanation, after the jump).

The business beat has grown significantly recently. The economy moved front and center during the presidential election and the collapse toward the end of 2008 put the issue in a whole new light. Looking forward in 2009, the ailing economy will remain at the fore.

We talked to Velshi last week at CNN’s New York HQ about whether the “experts” are at all to blame for the economic collapse, his personal investment tips and more. Below is part one, and part two is after the jump:

Click continued to see part two, including what Velshi learned about the publishing industry, whether he thinks the economy will improve in 2009 and the thinking behind the title…