Variety’s 2018 New Power of New York List Is Peppered With TV Newsers

By A.J. Katz 

Variety’s 2018 New Power of New York List is out, with NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers gracing the cover.

As is often the case, TV news had a strong presence in the top 50 list.

Former NBC Newser-turned investigative print journalist extraordinaire Ronan Farrow led the way.

About Farrow, Samantha Bee writes:

Frankly, without the work of journalists like Ronan Farrow, I couldn’t do my work. And so, thank you, Ronan. Watching you hold powerful people accountable with your impeccable journalism is a tonic for these dark times. Thank you for your laser focus and tenacity. For being a catalyst for change. For working in the service of others. And thank you for redirecting people’s praise toward the women who have trusted you with their stories, and giving them — and those on the byline with you — the full credit that they deserve. Brother, you’re a good egg.

ABC The View co-host Meghan McCain scored a spot, and the 47th vice president of the United States Joe Biden writes about her presence at Sen. McCain’s funeral:

As she began to speak, I thought this is too painful, this is too much to ask anyone to do. But then as she went on, I saw her strength grow. And as sad as the occasion was, I felt a small smile cross my face. And maybe it’s because I had spent so much time with John in the Senate, had traveled so many hundreds of thousands of miles with him across the world, had heard him so often — that I said to myself, “There’s John. I’m watching and seeing and hearing John from that podium. Honest, principled, unsparing — and more than a little willing to make people uncomfortable with the truth.” And when she said the line about asking her father what he wanted her to say in her eulogy and he answered: “Show them how tough you are,” I whispered to myself, “John, old buddy — guess what? She just did.”

CNN host Van Jones gets a spot on the list, and a tribute from Kim Kardashian West:

I’m honored to call Van Jones both a friend and a mentor. His commitment to helping those in need is something every person — regardless of their view — can admire. It’s undeniable the way his show sheds a light on so many social issues that desperately need visibility. And as founder of The Dream Corps, Van creates opportunities for people who have been wronged by our flawed justice system.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott earns a spot, and a tribute from 21st Century Fox executive chairman Lachlan Murdoch:

It’s no small thing that Suzanne is FNC’s first female CEO and the only woman in our industry running a news division or cable news network. Indeed, her programming changes created the most gender-diverse lineup in all of cable news. These are distinctions that I am particularly proud of, and that I believe are contributing to a more collaborative environment at FNC that Suzanne is driving forward.

Additional TV newsers who made the list include:

  • Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner
  • NBC Today show executive producer Libby Leist
  • CBS This Morning co-host John Dickerson
  • ABC Nightline executive producer Steven Baker
  • MSNBC daytime anchor Stephanie Ruhle

Here’s the entire list.