Variety Responds To Lin: If She’s “Spreading Her Wings,” Then “Why Didn’t She Say So?”

By Brian 

In an e-mail to TVNewser, Variety reporter Michael Learmonth responds to Carol Lin‘s comments and defends his reporting:

“I’m sorry Carol Lin doesn’t like the way I described the circumstances of her departure. My sources said CNN president Jon Klein wanted to reassign her as a general news correspondent and she decided not to take the assignment in part because of her family situation. That’s what my story said and I stand by it.

Lin was once a premier anchor for CNN but she had been marginalized during Klein’s tenure, which was probably another factor in her decision to leave. I called Lin at her work number, left a message, and then reached her on her cell phone. She asked me if she could call me back because she was driving. I said of course she could, but she never did.

Which raises the question: if leaving CNN was really was about a book project and “spreading her wings” then why didn’t she say so?”