Vargas/Woodruff: Ticker

By Brian 

What would you ask the new anchors of World News Tonight? Submit questions via the tip box for an interview this afternoon…

> Google wire: Vargas Woodruff / WNT message board

> 1:50pm: “ABC has been in a multi-anchor mood, just last week changing the format of Nightline from a single host to three anchors divided between New York and Washington,” B&C notes.

> 12:38pm: The Hollywood Reporter: “By declining to elevate the 62-year-old Charles Gibson to the anchor chair, ABC News made moves to both protect its present standing at GMA and position itself for the future…”

> 12:34pm: “Will Woodruff and Vargas fight to air television documentaries like Peter Jennings did?,” an e-mailer wonders…

> 12:30pm: “Two down, one to go,” Public Eye says. ” Today’s news, of course, leaves CBS as the only of the three networks with nightly newscasts yet to name a new, long-term anchor…”

> 11:54am: The Blue Sheet, WNT’s blog, will be reformatted “to better suit the wide variety of elements that go into our daily show. Check back soon,” it says…

> 11:50am: How long were V&W being groomed? “When Woodruff was reassigned to NY from London several years ago, Westin hinted that it was to groom him as Peter’s replacement,” an e-mailer says…

> 11:43am: “Good for ABC,” a TVSpyer says. “Keeps them in the Brian Williams mode, at least age-wise. Keeps them flexible; can have split-anchor broadcasts like in the old days, say Huntley Brinkley or the old WNT of Frank Reynolds or even Baba Wawa fame. Smart move.”

> 11:36am: An e-mailer says: “As a west coaster, it’s about time we hade a live nightly newscast.” Will NBC or CBS follow suit?

> 11:32am: FishbowlDC explains why “they’ll be exhausted by the end of the night…”

> 11:17am: AP: “The decision will make Woodruff and Vargas the first co-anchors of an evening newscast since Dan Rather and Connie Chung briefly worked together at “CBS Evening News” in the 1990s.”

> 11:16am: “So much for Katie going to CBS. There is no way she will be ‘the other woman’ in this deal,” an NBC insider e-mails…

> 11:10am: How does Page Six feel? On Friday, it said Charlie Gibson was getting the nod…

> 11:04am: FishbowlDC had the news several minutes before the press release. The internal announcement “was made to applause in the New York studio by David Westin and EP Jon Banner. Jennings’ wife, the staff was told, was informed last night of the decision.

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