Vargas Wants To Anchor “Five Days A Week” Again — Maybe In Five Years

By Brian 

Elizabeth Vargas is having a difficult pregnancy. “I feel horrible,” she tells Gail Shister. “I have debilitating nausea every day, and fatigue. I’ve been very honest with them [management] about the difficulties.” Her C-section is scheduled for mid-August. She plans maternity leave of nine to 12 weeks.

Shister reports:Vargas wants another shot at anchoring a five-days-a-week show (even mornings) for ABC in about five years, when her kids are older. If not her own shop, then…

‘I’ve been told by other networks, if it doesn’t work out here, there will be opportunities elsewhere… . Those kinds of conversations take place all the time. It’s a very small business. We all know each other.’

Vargas’ contract runs until mid-2010, according to ABC insiders. She joined the network in ’96.”