Van Jones Considering Legal Action against Fox News

By Chris Ariens 

Almost two years after he resigned as “green jobs” czar in the Obama White House, due in part to pressure from Glenn Beck, Van Jones is fighting back, and is considering legal action against Fox News.

In a six-page cease and desist letter sent to Fox News tonight, and obtained by Huffington Post, Jones’ attorney claims that “a series of sensational and inflammatory charges” have been made against Jones on Fox News shows. Joseph Sandler argues the statements are “demonstrably, unequivocally and absolutely false.”

A Fox News spokesperson tells TVNewser, “We’ve received the letter and it’s under review.”

The letter comes just 10 days before Beck leaves his daily show on Fox News and as Beck continues to discuss Jones’s record on his show; several times last week and again today. Last Wednesday, Beck called Jones, “the communist revolutionary calling for the overthrow of the government.”

“I thought that FOX TV or Beck’s producers would take note of the facts and rein him in, without me having to take legal action. They didn’t,” Jones tells HuffPo. “Then [Rep.] Gabby Giffords was shot. I talked directly to Beck’s producer for about an hour, setting the record straight. We had a friendly conversation. But rather than stopping his smear campaign, Beck chose to double down on the crazy. I was shocked.”