Va. Tech Shootings: Williams Says Worst Videos “Will Never See The Light Of Day”

By Brian 

Brian Williams blogs:

“Yesterday, we received a parcel from a mass murderer. The simple act of opening it and examining its contents thrust us into a role we did not seek and did not want. Our first step was to call law enforcement and hand over the originals. Next, we decided what of it we could air as a news organization. I do not know of a reputable news organization that would have stopped after that first step … and put the contents into a drawer.”

He also writes: “A critical piece of information in a huge national news story was dropped on our doorstep. While I love my work, our task yesterday was extremely unpleasant. Yesterday was an awful day. There was no joy in this for any of us. To the contrary: opening each computer video snippet for the first time was a sickening and harrowing experience — and it’s good to know that the worst of them — all now in the hands of investigators — will never see the light of day.”