Va. Tech Shootings: “NBC Did What ANY & EVERY News Org Would & Should Have Done”

By Brian 

“NBC News did what ANY and EVERY news organization would and should have done,” an e-mailer writes to TVNewser. “If people think ABC, CBS, CNN, and FOX News would have not shown the video, they are lying to themselves. Furthermore, most other news organizations DID show the video and still images. So why is everyone directing all their anger at NBC News?

If there is anyone who is sane out there, just remember this: CENSORSHIP SUCKS. By complaining about NBC News’ decision to show this video, they are telling them it’s OK to censor video and news. If they don’t like the images or the news, change the channel or mute it. It’ll be over shortly. But instead, they want to kill the messenger, and that’s bad policy.

If we allow the caretakers of the news (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, BBC, etc) to self-censor themselves worrying about the feelings of a viewer, that’s a
slippery slope that this DEMOCRACY that allows freedom of the press does not want to go down…”