Va. Tech Shootings: Kudos To Gibson, Moran, Lauer, Roberts, Smith, Donvan

By Brian 

TV Week’s Michele Greppi has kudos for Robin Roberts, Harry Smith, John Donvan, and these TV newsers in her column this week:

Charles Gibson: “He has the experience and an innate humanity that transforms even the most difficult and potentially dicey interviews into a conversation that will not leave a viewer squirming, but with a better sense of the subject’s experience, however unimaginable.”

Terry Moran: He “is developing into his own as an anchorman instead of patterning himself too closely after the late Peter Jennings. Put him at the top of the list of successors, when that time comes.”

Matt Lauer: “The Charles Gibson of NBC News.”

John Roberts: “Was so convincing and comfortable that it was hard to remember why he had not persuaded CBS brass that he should succeed Dan Rather three years ago.”

Shep Smith: “Someone please give this man a steady assignment that makes more use of his people skills than of his inflective eyebrows and his admittedly amusing chats with Jane Skinner.”