Using The F-Word On Capitol Hill…

By Brian 

Following up on yesterday’s post about hot tempers at a Dean photo-op:

> WP’s Mark Leibovich tells CJR Daily that Fox News correspondent Brian Wilson was not giving out good vibrations: “…For all I knew he was Jeff Gannon, based on the tone and insistence of his questions.”

> Wilson subbed for Brit Hume on Friday’s Special Report. During the Grapevine, in an item about Dan Burton, Wilson said: “Roll Call quotes one anonymous committee source as saying, ‘Dan Burton has enraged me… And he wants to be the ‘F’-ing committee chairman?’ I know you are shocked and stunned that people would use the F-word on Capitol Hill, but apparently it does happen.”

> MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann summed up the story on Countdown: “We blank-in’ report, you blank-in’ decide, you blank-in’ blank-ers.”