Upstart News Channel Says It’s ‘Really Difficult’ to Find ‘Credible News’ on Cable TV

By Mark Joyella 

You may not know the name Charles Herring, but he hopes to change that. Herring, president of San Diego-based One America News Network, says his mission is bringing “credible” news to cable TV. “What we’ve noticed in the marketplace is, it’s very hard to turn on your TV and find news around the clock,” Herring told National Journal. “You get a lot of talk shows, a lot of debates, but just finding credible news is really difficult. The fundamental difference between us, MSNBC, CNN and Fox is we are dedicated to [being] a credible source of news.”

OANN, which features plenty of eagles and flags, carries straight news alongside conservative commentary, drawing comparisons–often from the network’s hosts–to Fox News. “If we can continue to grow, we can step up right beside Fox News and support them and what they’re doing,” said host Rick Amato. “We’re trying to hit the Left right between the eyes, punch them twice for every one punch they throw to the Right.”

One America is available in 15 million U.S. households, but has work to do to “step up” beside FNC. Still, as National Journal notes, the network is competitive with other, better-known channels like Fusion, Bloomberg and Al Jazeera America.