Update: Tech Glitch Tanks ‘Tucker’

By Brian 

Following up on Friday’s technical glitch on ‘Tucker:’

The glitch happened because of a miscommunication about the Iowa live shot. “The problem in the control room is that no one, producing wise, could make a decision about where to go when the you-know-what hit the fan. The show was fixed for its 6:00 re-air after it took about thirty minutes or so to fix,” a tipster says.

The situation is especially interesting because MSNBC is reducing Tucker’s production staff. The tipster put it this way: “Not bad for a bunch of folks who were told just over a week ago that Friday, Dec. 1, was their last day — and then earlier this week they are asked to stick around for another week because the new version of Tucker’s show is not ready to hit air yet. So now they have jobs for another week and thankfully Friday’s show will not be the last one they are known for.”

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